If you’ve dined out at a great restaurant in New Jersey lately, you know the bill can add up fast! But dining out is a great form of entertainment and gives you the chance to connect with friends and family. Can you get the best of both worlds and save money while you dine out? Of course you can, and your friends here at Casa Bellisima will give you our favorite tips!

Do Lunch. If your budget is tight, consider stopping by for lunch instead of dinner. Many restaurants offer discounted prices during off-hours, and lunch portions are often smaller than dinner portions. Plus, this can be a nice way to put a limit on how long you spend at the restaurant.

Split a Meal. For those without big appetites, the generous portions served at many restaurants in New Jersey may be excessive… both in terms of calories and dollars! To address this issue, consider splitting a meal with your dining companion. This can keep costs low and help to maintain a healthy weight.

Drink Wisely. Drinks can certainly add up, especially at a restaurant like Casa Bellisima where we have a full cocktail and wine list! However, for the budget-friendly meal, consider sticking with good-old-fashioned water. It won’t be as delicious as our artfully-prepared cocktails and soft drinks, but it can keep your budget in line so you can visit again and again!

Share Dessert. Have you read through this list and thought “no, no, and no!” to our other suggestions? If you love an extravagant meal, cutting corners may not be your thing. However, many of our diners find that they aren’t too hungry after our delicious meals, and sharing dessert can be a perfect way to bond and be mindful of the bill.

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