Imagine how bountiful summer must have seemed just a century ago! Before grocery stores, convenience stores, and delivery services that bring food right to your door ever existed, summer was one of the best times of year to eat because so much food was available—unlike the stored food that people had to eat all winter, the fresh-grown summer food was a welcome treat! In today’s world, we can get fresh food all the time thanks to advances in science, technology, and transportation. But those of us at Casa Bellisima agree that the best food is still that which relies the least on these things—the fresh, local food that you can get right in your community! Read on to find out the many benefits of eating locally this summer.

1. Your food will be fresher than ever! When you buy local food, or eat at locally-sourced restaurants in New Jersey, your food hasn’t had to take a road trip or fly on a plane to get to you—and it hasn’t been in those changing temperatures, either, making it fresher.

2. You may get more nutrients. While frozen vegetables and fruits are often lauded for their nutritional content, locally-picked, fresh food still typically has more. Why? They haven’t degraded with time or temperature!

3. You help the global ecosystem. Those trucks and planes that carry food across the nation? Terrible for the ecosystem. Buying local cuts down on fuel and pollution by keeping it local.

4. Support your local economy. Ever wondered why small farmers are becoming a thing of the past? Because people buy from big agricultural operations instead. When you buy locally, you are supporting your community in New Jersey, not people across the country or even in other countries.

5. Find a great source. If you find a locally-sourced meal at your favorite restaurant in New Jersey, it’s easy to find where it came from! You may be able to find your favorite dairy farmer, apple orchard, or other local source to visit again and again.

Aside from living in New Jersey where we can only access locally-grown produce a few months out of the year, the team at Casa Bellisima just can’t think of drawbacks to eating locally! If you’d like to give some locally-sourced food a try, stop by our Italian restaurant in NJ today and ask your server for a recommendation.