The end of March is a time for madness—March madness, that is, if you’re a basketball fan! Even if you’re not a dedicated fan of the sport, you have probably seen or heard enough of the event to get the basics: basketball tournament, lots of friendly betting, and (of course!) lots of parties with great food!

Except… most party food isn’t that great. Admit it, your last party at home probably consisted of bags of chips, candy, soda, beer, and maybe some greasy pizza. Wings are growing in popularity, and may be the “healthiest” things you find at your next event!

Fortunately, the team at Casa Bellisima have a better solution: Have us cater! Just like at our restaurant in Andover, we try to make our catering options upscale, while still being casual. What does that mean? At our restaurant, that means that we bring you the finest service, the best food, and an upscale location—while you come as you are and enjoy! When we cater, we take the same approach, focusing on high-quality, freshly-prepared ingredients and dishes that are a step above your usual “gather around the TV” grub. We offer off-premise “to-go” selections that are perfect for game day or any day—and suitable for anywhere from 10-100 people! Wondering what to order? We have plenty, but here are a few suggestions:

Cold Appetizers. Surprise your guests with a seafood salad, antipasto, or bruschetta, perfect for snacking.
Hot Appetizers. (you didn’t think we’d skip these, did you?) Our hot appetizers, including stuffed mushrooms, mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, and meatballs are a twist on the classic game day fare. The twist? Ours are good… really good. We start with fresh ingredients and prepare them just as fresh—no frozen or microwaved foods here!

Full Entrees. Tired of all the snacking? Did those appetizers really boost your appetite? Most of our delicious menu items are available for catering, which means that you get the best of both worlds. Enjoy your sporting event or party and still eat some A-grade food when you order from Casa Bellisima!
Don’t want to wait for game day? Check out our online catering menu at to see what you want, or stop by today for an upscale Italian meal in New Jersey at Casa Bellisima!