Coming up on September 25th, we have the fun food holiday of National Lobster Day! At Casa Bellisima, we bring the best quality food to our guests, so if you’re looking for a great Italian meal in New Jersey, we can handle it! This includes plenty of lobster options—after all, lobster is an upscale food, right? Read on to find out the interesting history of lobster and our favorite dishes from our Italian restaurant in Andover.

Fit For Prisoners
Many centuries ago, lobster was quite plentiful along the east coast of the US. Particularly in Maine, lobsters would wash up on shore seasonally, ready for the taking. Because they were so plentiful and required no effort to raise, they were considered “poor” food, fit for fertilizing gardens and feeding prisoners and indentured servants. If one “only” had lobster to offer guests, it was seen as poor taste!

Moving up in Society
So what made lobster the delicacy it is today? Supply and demand! As railways began connecting the coastal US to the rest of the country, those in landlocked areas started having the chance to try lobster on their own. Just like someone who has never tried a peach will usually find it more exotic than a person who grew up on a Georgia peach farm, those who had never tried lobster before found it light and pleasant. The demand for this product skyrocketed, and so did the price. Over time, overharvesting created even more of a gap between the demand and the supply, making lobster a prized food today.

Try it at Casa Bellisima
We offer plenty of tasty lobster dishes, so join us to celebrate! One of our absolute favorites is our lobster ravioli, with fresh lobster stuffed into delicate raviolis and topped with a pink vodka sauce. Our Capellini Malfemmina joins lobster with its seafood friends of shrimp and clams, gently cooking them all in olive oil and topping with a lightly creamy, garlicky broth. Enjoy our seafood rivera, with lobster tail, stuffed shrimp, clams, scallops, and filet of sole, or go all out with our Lobster Tails Thermidor, two 7 oz lobster tails baked with sherry, shrimp, cream sauce, and drawn butter.

Food tastes change, but the team at Casa Bellissima is glad that we are eating this delicious lobster instead of fertilizing our gardens with it! Stop by today for a great Italian meal.